Avoid Fraud by Staying Cyber-SMART

1 CPE Credits, 0 Ethics Credits

ACFE-GTA E-Learning

Course Description

In response to the pandemic, people are working from home
without the security measures found in the workplace.
The pandemic has created turmoil in the world’s financial and
employment markets.
Many people are feeling insecure, worried about personal finances,
and even confused...which may lead to poor snap decisions (e.g.,
not investing in cyber-security).

An introduction to understanding the security measures we need to put in place to be cyber-SMART.

What You Will Learn


  1. The "Big Picture" Cyber situation prior to COVID-19.
  2. The Cyber situation now.
    1. Explaining some Red Flags in an unsolicited txt message
    2. What steps to take when we receive unsolicited or unexpected messages or emails
  3. Six basic steps you can take to practice Cyber-Smartness:
    1. Use a paid computer security/anti-virus program
    2. Update your operating system and program/application software on a regular basis
    3. What is a Password Manager and why we should use them
    4. What is Two-Factor Authentication (Verification) and why we should use it
    5. How to Create Unique and Strong Passwords for every online account
    6. What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and why we should use one


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