Ethics: Making Ethical Decisions in a Time of Uncertainty

0 CPE Credits, 4 Ethics Credits

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Course Description

Ethical issues are associated with workplace deviance or corruption and its counterparts - lying, evasion of accountability, and abuse of authority. What causes them and how should they be dealt with? This session focuses on integrating ethics with everyday corporate life. The fake news epidemic has spread far and wide with individuals and organizations questioning whether the news they get is real or not. But most importantly organizations need to be vigilant in combating these potential threats in their own organizations. The challenges and dilemmas of sharing information without verifying it could place your organization in an ethical dilemma. Online misinformation and digital deception are contributing to a crisis of trust in society and making it more difficult for people to separate reality from fiction. This session will focus on the types of threats most rampant today and how to effectively deal with them in an ethical manner.


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