Think Like a Forensic Accountant with Tiffany Couch - Session 2

4 CPE Credits, 0 Ethics Credits

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Course Description

Session 2 – Nuts & Bolts
Understanding Accountant Speak/Document Management
Having trouble speaking the same language as the accountants? Perhaps you are law enforcement or a non-accountant entering into the world of fraud investigation. Unsure about the key documents you need for your case? Don’t know the difference between profit, revenue and income? You aren’t alone!

Making your Case with Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful data analysis tools available to the practitioner and is available on most personal computers with the purchase of Microsoft Office products. Although there are many other powerful data analysis programs available on the market, they are often cost prohibitive and require a high level of training and usage to become proficient. Excel can do much of the analysis necessary to perform professional engagements. In this session, attendees will discover some of the most powerful tools in Excel and learn about an inexpensive ($39) add-on called KuTools that can take your data analysis and final deliverables to the next level.

What You Will Learn

You will gain an easy understanding of accounting basics and key information gleaned from these documents with a focus on fraud risk and internal controls. Discussion will also center around properly managing documents during and after a case.


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