Understanding & Investigating Management Fraud - McHard Firm - Part 1

8 CPE Credits, 0 Ethics Credits

ACFE-GTA E-Learning

Course Description

According to the ACFE Report to the Nations, Canada Edition, members of management were found to be responsible in nearly 20% of the cases reported, with median losses of $200,000 (US) for financial statement frauds. But management is at the top of the organization, so how do you discover, investigate and prevent fraud perpetrated by members of management? This session will use actual cases and stories to illustrate this subject area.

What You Will Learn

1. Red Flags of Management Fraud

2. The Psychology of Fraud I - Personality of the Management Fraudster

3. The Psychology of Fraud II - Personality of the Management Fraudster

4. Common Management Fraud Schemes: Financial Statement Fraud to Corruption and Beyond


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